Thursday, September 3, 2009

Werewolves, Vamps, and Ghosts...Oh My!

Wow, talk about buzz...

If you love werewolves and all things paranormal, which is obviously right up my alley, you're gonna love Freaksville by Kitty Keswick. Lucky me, I got a sneak peek at the title everyone's buzzing about and it's SENSATIONAL. Due out in January 2010 from Leap Books, this is one worth waiting for. Okay, it's classified as a YA, but I guarantee if you're an adult reader, it'll hook you too. What's not to love about werewolves, ghosts, and visions? Not to mention a romance and lots of mystery thrown into the mix. You'll fall head over heels for British hottie, Josh.

If you don't believe me, check out the book trailer. Does it give you shivers? A haunted theater, a full moon, and werewolves??

I'm starting the countdown 'til I can collect my autographed copy. Put it on your list. Lots of other people are:

It's been WOW'ed at Waiting on Wednesday, and featured at Reading Keeps You Sane, and Teen RC. And Kitty has a lot more interviews lined up, so check them out to find out more about her and her much-anticipated book.

Visit her at her website or at Leap Books or at The Wolfy Chicks blog that she shares with fellow paranormal author, Judith Graves. (More about Judith's upcoming release soon.)

Here's an excerpt:

Suddenly the lights failed.

The tunnel was shrouded in darkness.

A deep throaty growl vibrated a few yards away.

“Stay still,” I whispered.

This was the end. I wanted to grip Gillie’s hand for comfort. But didn’t want to see my best friend’s last moments in my head.

My strange list-making compulsion shoved at my thoughts. I didn’t fight it when my brain filtered through my mental catalog. It helped me process.

I knew three things:

1) That was a real growl.

2) It sounded hungry.

3) I was on the menu.

From somewhere on my right, in all the blackness, another wolf howled. Claws scratched the rough cement as the beasts darted toward us. Their heavy panting was as loud as my own. The slight clip-clop of nails scraped on the floor in front of me as this creature stalked forward. The smell of wet dog, raunchy, burned my nose. Hot breath wheezed out a moment before the wolf sprang.

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