Saturday, January 9, 2010

Blue Moon Special

Blue moons are rare, magical, and very special. So anyone who thinks to launch a venture on the night of the blue moon must be visionary. To do it as the year turns from old to new makes it even more of a good omen.

With all that going for them, Leap Books has definitely had an auspicious start to their new venture. Their authors are LUCKY. That's for sure.

But they have other formulas for success:

1) terrific goals: They hope to get teens excited and eager to read more, to encourage reluctant readers to pick up books, and to put out books with artistic appeal.

2) fabulous authors: Check out Bonnie J. Doerr, Kitty Keswick, Judith Graves, Jacqueline Horsfall... and that's just the start.

3) super cool artists: Wait until you see the gothic art of Val Cox.

4) talented editors: I should know. My editor Kat O'Shea is one of them.

5) exciting badges: Collect them all, but I have to admit I'm partial to this one--

I could wax eloquent over all the other things they're doing right, but those words to the left reveal their secrets.

Leap Books intends to do all this and more. Watch for this exciting new publisher. Better yet, support their efforts and encourage literacy by picking up one of their titles and giving it to your favorite teen.

Now through January 31, 2010, they're offering a BLUE MOON special. They have an awesome video with details.