Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Holidays from Wild Rose Press

Wild Rose Press put together a book of holiday recipes for their authors to share with friends and family. Lucky you! I'm sharing the link below so you can enjoy the recipes. Bet it has the hottest cover you've ever seen on a cookbook. Enjoy!!

BTW, check out the recipes I contributed. If you need quick, foolproof desserts, I guarantee these will get raves. Better yet, the kids or your DH (or significant other) can make them, so you can spend your time on better things. Or if you believe the way to a man's (or woman's) heart is by cooking, try some of the recipes for romance. Stir up a little magic in your kitchen...and watch the sparks fly.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Knitting Together Plots

Today I'm guest blogging at Anna Kathyrn's blog. Stop by and learn how I plot my books at:

There's also an interview with me:

And if you post a comment, you have a chance to win a copy of Spark of Magic. I'll be drawing a name at 11 pm tonight, so be sure to stop by for a chance to win.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Reframing Flaws

Fall is almost here. I love it when the air turns crisp. Reminds me of apples, falling leaves, and hayrides. By now, the excitement of the first day of school--sharpened pencils, new crayons, pristine notebooks--has worn off. In its place are stacks of assignments, overdue books, and a long haul until the first decent vacation at Thanksgiving. Walking along the road in the morning, I often startle wild turkeys and hope none of them will end up on the dinner table.

September is my birthday month. Every year I buy a new notebook to keep track of my goals. Each birthday is a fresh new start. My birthday goals remind me of fall leaves. Beautiful, eye-catching, and varied, but short-lived. Some have already fallen by the wayside to mix with the crunchy, dead leaves by the side of the road. And it's only been one week.

Seasons come and go. So do goals. Sometimes I reach them, sometimes I don't, but I always set them. I used to berate myself for not reaching them, but a friend--a psychologist--helped me reframe my expectations. I asked her why I always put so many things on my to-do list that it was humanly impossible to complete them. I thought it was a failing on my part. I hoped she would label it for me (e.g., superwoman syndrome or delusions of grandeur). She did, but not the way I'd expected.

"It means you're an optimist," she said.

How lovely! Now I have a beautiful new way to look at my lifestyle choices in a positive, upbeat way. It took a lot of pressure off. Maybe it's time for you to reframe something you criticize yourself for...Look at it as an asset rather than a detriment. Be good to yourself this fall.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Only one more week to go in the Wild Rose Press eReader contest. If you buy Spark of Magic for only $1.50, your name will be entered the drawing for the giveaway on Sept. 2. Deadline is the end of the month. The link for the contest is in the post below. In addition to my book, there are many other wonderful novels/stories to choose from--the list of authors is posted at the site. Buy more than one. Each time you enter, you'll get another chance to win.

I've spent this past week taking a terrific writing course--Write 50 Books a Year! This class taught by multi-published romance authors Elle James and Delilah Devlin offered lots of insight into ways to schedule writing into your day no matter how busy you are.

When I used their idea of counting the number of words you need to write to finish a book and divide it by the number of days until the due date (either the publisher's deadline or your own imposed deadline), I was shocked. I'd been psyching myself out, picturing the 60,000 words I needed to write. If I want to finish it in 2 months, all I have to do is write 1000 words a day. Why was I so scared? Because 60,000 sounded too hard. So I kept procrastinating.

That may sound like a simple tip, but it was eye-opening for me. And has helped jumpstart my writing. I won't give away all their secrets--if you want to find them out, take the workshop next time it's offered. Check it out along with the other workshops they offer at Rose Colored Glasses:

Just heard that I made it into an October workshop with a Newbery-award-winning author. More about that later....

Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Review & Free E-Reader

Romance Reviews Today has given SPARK OF MAGIC a 4 Rating. Reviewer Marilyn Heyman says, "A very cute short story, humorous and sexy, and a fun read. All romance readers will enjoy this one."

And in even more exciting news, Wild Rose Press is getting ready to roll out a new contest for readers. Every few months a groups of authors will be featured. Buy one of their books and your name will be entered in drawing for: A SONY E-READER!

So if the reviews have enticed you to read Spark of Magic, you're in luck. Lily Stone is one of the featured authors for the first contest. Check out my book for a chance to win.

Watch the blog for details about contest starting date.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wow! Just got a wonderful review from "The Long and Short of It." It's exciting to know people love the book. Here's a short clip:

With magic in the air and a bouncy little toddler you can’t help but love, Ms. Stone’s story was an effortless combination of humor and chemistry (even a little danger!) that became an instant winner and is sure to leave you smiling.

You can check out the rest of the review at:

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

SPARK OF MAGIC is out! I'm officially a published author with The Wild Rose Press.

So now that I've done it...What's next? Hollywood? The big time?

My husband's already dreaming big--he hopes my royalty checks will cover the 20 cents a day I spend on electricity when I write on my computer. I say, Dream on...

You can find it here:

As the reviewers say, it's short & sweet. A quick read. And at a price that won't break the bank.


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Coming Soon!! Spark of Magic

Only a few more days and my first romance SPARK OF MAGIC will be released by The Wild Rose Press. Pre-pub reviews are coming in:

"This is a really cute and funny, short but sweet story!" ~Manic Readers 4.5 Stars

"...a fun read. With a hottie like Marc you don't have to be a cat for a man like that to make you purr." ~Simply Romance Reviews

And here are a few comments from authors who have read it:

"I love this story!" ~Mallary Mitchell, author of The Widow’s Ransom and Cissy, Cain and Abel

"Wow, you’ve done it again. Your creativity and imagination are something to behold." ~Don Helin, author of Thy Kingdom Come

"Around 5 am this morning I realized I was in the twilight zone of your story. It really stayed with me. That’s the sign of a great tale!" ~Bonnie Doerr, author of Kenzie’s Key

If you like cats, hot heroes, and magic, look for it on 5/7/2008 at

While you're waiting, you may want to check out this read if you like humor: The Subject of Polka Dots by Giulietta Jones. Also from The Wild Rose Press. Guaranteed fun!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

More Fun from The Wild Rose Press

I mentioned Giuletta's book above. Isn't the cover great?

Readers can check out this book and other WRP offerings at this website:

Writers, if you're looking for help with your writing, WRP offers a great blog, Behind the Garden Gate, written by the editors. Check it out at If you need help with passive voice, Editor Kat O'Shea's tips can be found on the April 25, 2008 post.