Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Bang for Your Buzz

Spent three days last week at a conference soaking in marketing knowledge and discovered that most marketers consider their books only as a stepping stone, a way to get in the door. Their real goal? Lucrative speaking engagements. Selling themselves, their products, their expertise, their services, their ideas. I realize these are non-fiction writers, but is this something that can and should be applied to fiction too?

Here's my paraphrase of a speaker's advice: Write one book, then spend the rest of your life promoting it. It evidently worked for him. He's a New York Times bestselling author.

For me, though, the be-all and end-all isn't sales, it's the writing. It's the thrill of seeing another book in print. The joy of playing with words. So maybe I'll always be a fingerpainter, mushing around in a creative muddle of color for the joy of it rather than hanging in a prestigious art gallery. Which is the better choice, I wonder. Thoughts anyone?

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Lisa Lawmaster Hess said...

Count me among the fingerpainters! Perhaps I have a short attention span, but I can't possibly imagine spending my entire life focusing on one book, even if it's my own. Having written two books and moved on to other genre and subject matter, I must agree that the concept of "So many books, so little time" applies to not only reading, but writing as well!