Monday, May 18, 2009

Gift from Australia

Wow! I just got the coolest bookmark ever from Giulietta Jones, author of Daredevil and Dormouse, a laugh-out loud romantic comedy from The Wild Rose Press. She sent it from Australia, and it's in the shape of a kangaroo--a 3-D kangaroo. Its little head peeks out over the top of the book. It's absolutely adorable. I now have a new pet that doesn't need to be fed.

And she sent it 'cos I mentioned on a review site how much I loved her book. Somehow it seems the gifts should be flowing the other way around. I mean, she sends me a gift for reading her hilarious Daredevil and Dormouse? That was a gift already!

But thanks ever so much, Giulietta!! You made my day--TWICE!

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