Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm Fashionable

Turns out when you Google my name that I have many upscale, creative businesses going. Of course, you already know I'm an author, but I'm also an artist and a businesswoman, so I indulge my creativity in other ways.

Check out these possibilities and see if you think any of them represent my other creative endeavors. Even if you decide none of them are mine, it can't hurt to help out a namesake. But you never know...

I've done many fun things in my life--including selling cosmetics, designing children's clothes, and taking classes in sculpture. I've also owned several businesses, so all of these are real possibilities:

Lily Stone London is a very classy, casual clothing line for women made from luxury fabrics that has recently opened in England. You can find out more at

Lily Stone Designs specializes in architectural cast stone design. A gallery of breathtaking of houses with Lily Stone details await your at

Professional makeup artist Lilly Stone has created her own line of cosmetics called Soo Lilly

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